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Spoof GPS location for Android SDK

Question asked by oliver_burdgis on Feb 14, 2018

I'm building an Android app for use offline that allows the user to download a basemap and see where they are in a national park. Said national park is in Honduras whereas I'm based in England. The offline map download is working and I have a toggle switch between offline and online mode. The app creates a folder on the device storage and then downloads a prebaked .tpk for use as the offline basemap.


Currently to test it I've just set the inital zoom to the area of interest. However, for testing the locationDisplay functions I'd like to be able to spoof my device GPS location to Honduras.


I've tried a couple of third party apps to achieve this but the locationDisplay hones into to roughly my current position (possibly using coarse location) and remais greyed out (unable to get a fix).


Is there a way to do this with teh Android SDK?