Simple Question

Discussion created by geo_newbie on Jan 27, 2011
I am new to using ArcGIS and Geostatistics, so please forgive what is probably a very basic question.

I have a dataset about loan-location and lender. It is basically set up as;

ID   Lat  Long  Loan-Amount   Lender-ID
1   xxx    xxx       10,000      Random Bank ID 1
2   xxx    xxx        3,400      Random Bank ID 2

I want to analyze whether there is geographic clustering of lenders. That is, whether some lenders lend more in some parts of a city than we would expect if each loan was made by a random lender.

I have thought about using Moran's I, with Lender-ID as the input field, but this is not correct, since the magnitude of lender-ID has no meaning. 

Any advice would be appreciated.