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Esearch to create a URL paramater from the input of a user?

Question asked by owenmt8656 on Feb 9, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2018 by owenmt8656

Alright this is kind of a weird question but figured I would ask anyways. Is there a way to not have to search a feature class or render a result in the results tab but instead build a url using the params the user puts in and send it. For example I have multiple feature classes configured within the esearch (eg...ParcelsFC for Parcel #, SubdivisionFC for Plat Names). I aslo have one for Survey Records the issue is not all of the old SRs are in the dataset. We have all of the SRs available and pulled up through an aspx resource that launches the pdf. So to open a pdf the url could be:


So instead of returning results just pass the user input into a url which would launch the pdf.