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CityEngine & ArcGis Terrain Data & Water

Question asked by romangorshkov on Feb 7, 2018
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Hey Guys,

I am just starting out with City Engine. I am going to get an educational license through my Uni, just what to ask a couple of questions.
1. What is the relationship between CityEngine and ArcGis? Do I have to get subscription for ArcGis as well to be able to do  masterplan designs?
    I am asking because for example I can’t get terrain data in City Engine without ArcGis subscription.
    Are there any other ways to get this DATA, I tried QGis but resolution is not as nice 
2. I know this question was asked before. How to mask out water areas from the map so I have a clean geometry of shore line or embarkment ?
    And then place a separate plane to represent a water surface. 
Please see attached images
Thank you