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eSearch Widget Does Not Populate Drop-Down List

Question asked by paulfmccord on Feb 2, 2018
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I'm having an issue with the eSearch widget (2.6.1) where the dropdown list fails to populate.


The layer that the search is based on is hosted on ArcGIS for Server. This layer has around 3,500 features. I've configured the update search layer properties as follows:


Update Search Layer dialogue box

And my expression selects Unique municipality names:


Search expression.

As you can see, the tool appears to be working, meaning that it is processing the unique municipality name values. However, the list never populates and it never appears to read any values since it remains at '0 of 3568.'


One thing that is worth mentioning is that I originally hosted this layer on ArcGIS Online rather than Arc Server. When it was on AGOL, I was able to get the list to populate, which causes me some concern that the issue is how the Search URL to Arc Server is being interpreted. Could this be the issue?