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Agentryclient.exe crashes with an error 'attempt by esrimapviewcontroller.initializeEdit() to access method 'Esri.arcgisruntime.controls.viewbase.get_editor()' failed'

Question asked by hajsye on Feb 2, 2018
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Our Agentry WPF client integrated with ESRI runtime dll crashes with below error:


Attempt by 'AgentryClientControls.EsriMap.EsriMapViewController.InitializeEdit() to access method 'Esri.ArcgisRuntime.Controls.Viewbase.get_Editor()' failed


We are using arcgisruntime 10.2.7 version with Agentry v70.14.8.2



We have tried to use later ESRI Runtime versions like 100.2 but this is incompatible with the Agentry client as it crashes immediately with an error 'System operation failed'.


Your help is appreciated.