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Create tile cache on the server on ArcGISOnline?

Question asked by Crittermap on Jan 30, 2018

Let's suppose I want to create a tile cache of Multi-Directional Hillshade in my ArcGIS Online Content. 

I want to cache tiles of it up to level 12, assuming I can make it scale up after that and not just disappear after level 12. 


So far I know I *could* do this using ArcGIS Pro. I would generate 22 million tiles on my hard drive and create a 100-gigabyte TPK on my hard drive and then upload to ArcGIS Com using the Share Package Tool. Generating it would probably take 5 days and uploading it would probably take at least two days. 


So could I generate the cache directly on ArcGISOnline?

I assume it would cost me 2200 credits for tile generation and, of course, 120 credits per month for storage.  

Maybe that's worth it instead of tieing up my machine for a week. 


However, I find no way to do this as of yet. No buttons or links. 


This article is a similar topic. 

ArcGIS Blog: Publishing tiles from features: efficient, automatic, and economical 


However, this is not a feature server - this is a "hillshaded surface generated dynamically using a multi-directional hillshade server-side custom function on the World Elevation Terrain layer."


Is there a way to do it?

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