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Pass DrawBox polygon into a query

Question asked by hppeng on Jan 30, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2018 by hppeng

I am developing a Validation Widget that can tell if the free-drawn-polygon is inside the state boundary or not. I have the ArcGIS JavaScript code which run well in the Sandbox. The code is to use button-click to draw a polygon, and pass the polygon geometry into a query, then check the length of result. See the sandbox code (works) attached.

In the widget.js, I have added the jimu/dijit/DrawBox in the widget. I cannot figure out passing the drawn-polygon created by the DrawBox into my query. I tried the code attached and the error message showed “geometry null” and “queryTask.execute is not a function”. I am new to WAB and would appreciate some suggestions. The widget.js (not working) is attached.

Additionally, I know the WAB has a Query Widget. I look at the widget.js, which uses dojo/query, instead of esri/tasks/query. I wonder if I need to replace with dojo/query to make my widget run.