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How to use network analyst extension within Android app

Question asked by qlavogez on Jan 29, 2018

We are trying to develop an Android app that includes Arcgis layers, including network analyst's vehicle routing problem. The easiest way we found was to use "share as arcgis runtime content" functionnality to integrate those layers in an android app.


My issue is the following : 

- When I try to share just a simple layer it works.

- When I create a new Vehicle Routing Problem from the network analyst extension I can't share it anymore. It says that I have multiple workspaces but I just have one workpace and the vehicle routing problem created... 


Can we share as arcgis runtime content when using such an extension?


Is there any other way to display my routes (see image below) that I have on my desktop version on an Android app? 


All advices accepted !