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GeoEvent server and problem with CPU

Question asked by deleted-user-GKyg-xriCvci on Jan 26, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2018 by rasmush

Hello, we are using ArcGis Enterprise and additional Server together with GeoEvent are installed on separate machine (Windows Server 2016, processor Intel Xeon E5-2673 v4 @ 2.30GHz). Last week, we upgraded all the Enterprise components from 10.5.1 to 10.6. After couple of days, machine started using almost 100% CPU all the time. In task manager it shows that application responsible for usage is Java (TM) Platform SE binary. When I stop the whole GeoEvent Server, CPU starts working fine. So I suspect the problem is somewhere behind GeoEvent. I tried to analyse log files but I do not really know what should I search for. Did anyone experience similar problem? I will appreciate any help.