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Editing Existing Data

Question asked by khatch_STARS on Jan 24, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2018 by cconnollyesriuk-esridist

We are a public safety call center and have our agents capture data directly in GIS.  We are currently using the Smart Editor in Web AppBuilder.  



This works okay.  But it presents a number of challenges. 

  1. Editing the form logic in smart editor is cumbersome, especially for large forms. 
  2. The interface is visually limited. 
  3. The more sophisticated features from Survey 123 (calculations, etc) are not available.
  4. Having multiple users access the same feature at the same time causes read/write issues. 


We are evaluating our options.  A few questions.  

  1. Are there plans to be able to edit existing data using the survey 123 web app? I know you can via the Survey 123 field app, but I can't embed that into our application.  Plus it requires a manual refresh and the sorting / searching isn't particularly clean.
  2. Can you open a previous survey via a URL? 
  3. Is there a plan to make form management consistent across the platforms?  Survey 123, Collector, Smart Editor in Web AppBuiilder, Geo Forms, etc are all very different.  
  4. Are there any other features coming down the road that improve the end user and administrator experience?