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Download feature service as file geodatabase

Question asked by NASUVINSA on Jan 24, 2018
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I apply the following workflow to download a hosted feature service as a file geodatabase:


from arcgis.gis import GIS
servicio = gis.content.get('XXXXXXXXXXX')
itemDescargar = servicio.export(nombre, 'File Geodatabase', parameters=None, wait='True')
fgdb = gis.content.get(itemDescargar ['exportItemId'])'c:\modelbuilder')


If I execute like this, the downloaded ZIP has 1 KB. If I wait several seconds to download, the downloaded ZIP has the proper size (14MB). That means, servicio.export is still working while I try to download as I am calling from a variable.


If I instead execute servicio.export(nombre, 'File Geodatabase', parameters=None, wait='True') without a variable, the process finishes correctly before the next line of code is executed, but then I do not know what is the value of exportItemId in order to download it. How do I get the results of servicio.export? I mean, how do I get values from the output message? i.e.  {'type': 'file', 'size': 61145088, 'jobId': '359e30e3-0fc7-4925-8e92-354a4ccdd478::XXXXXXXX', 'serviceItemId': 'XXXXXXXX', 'exportFormat': 'fileGeodatabase', 'exportItemId': 'XXXXXXXXX'}