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Creating a local scene and adding x y z cartesian-based data in ArcGIS Pro

Question asked by olatunde.mosobalaje on Jan 24, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2018 by olatunde.mosobalaje

I am new generally to GIS and particularly to ArcGIS Pro; I just needed to use the Geostatistical Analyst - am not new to geostatistics. I am having trouble getting my x/y/z/attributes data frame to ArcGIS Pro; x, y and z are in meters not in degrees. Yes I have added the data (from a csv file) as an XY Event to a blank Basemap (ensuring to indicate the Z coordinate field); converted the Basemap to Map; and converted the Map to a Scene - thinking all these would have rendered the data 3D. I have two major issues:

  1. Attempt to run the Geostatistical Wizard on the data is not working as it seems the Wizard sees the data as 2D and complains that multiple samples exist at same point.
  2. I want the data appear in a completely arbitrary cartesian LOCAL scene (like a 3D container in my office with origin 700000,732500,0). I tried changing the coordinate setting of my project file/maps but I keep seeing all available options tied to one location on earth. What coordinate setting goes for my arbitrary 3D space.

Edit: I have changed the settings using Project-->Options-->Units-->Location Units. However, I am still forced to choose an actual zone (not arbitrary as I expect) at Project-->Options-->Map and Scene-->Spatial Reference. I chose NGN UTM Zone38N. Is all this alright? However, the data is still not being seen as 3D both in display and in running Geostatistical Wizard.