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Using min-max functions in definition queries of feature services

Question asked by NeoJigglypuff on Jan 19, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2018 by NeoJigglypuff

Using a feature service from ArcGIS Online, I would like to display a record wherein one of its attributes is the max of the entire records, but is unable to do so.


If I am using a Feature Class from a geodatabase, I would normally just specify something like this in the definition query:

The image above will only show records with the smallest and largest numerical value in its "admin id" field, and this works.


However when using a feature service, my challenge is identifying the table name to use. Below is the actual query being tested by me:

The intention of the above query is to make it show the last record edited. In lieu of the table name, ArcGIS shows a zero (0) instead. I have tried replacing the ? with 0, 1, and the layer name, but they seem to be incorrect.


The feature service being used was automatically created by ArcGIS Survey123, so there's no MXD for me to apply the definition query on.


Any suggestions on what I can do to do this?