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Webappbuilder mobile popup issue with clustering enabled.

Question asked by kundalay1 on Jan 17, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2018 by kundalay1

I have clustering enabled for ArcGIS online web map for food establishments which I converted into a web application using online version of Webappbuilder. When multiple establishments are located in a single address point, clicking on symbology will give you this popup.


Webapp popup


When you click browse features It will show a popup with the ability to click left and right arrows to see popup info about next establishment in the cluster.


Browse Features


This is the way it should work.


When I view the app from a mobile device, If I click on the same cluster, I get this popup


Mobile popup cluster


This does not give me ability to view information about the facility. There is no browse features option. So essentially I cannot view information on a facility that is part of a cluster from a mobile device. Has anyone else encountered this issue?


Thank You