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Adding a record to related table in crowdsource manager is not working

Question asked by Owner_Demo on Jan 17, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2018 by AMuise-esristaff

I have successfully configured crowdsource manager using related tables in the past, specifically using Survey123 responses that have a repeat. Today I'm trying to use it with a features class of shelters which has  related table of status reports (1 to many relationship). The feature class with related table was published through ArcMap to my AGOL account. I'm able to edit this feature class and the related table (edit the related table entries and add new ones) just fine in Collector, but in Crowdsource Manager 2 weird things are happening.


1. When I try to add a new report to the related table, it just gets hung up and never finished. It looks like this (I let it go for almost an hour before giving up). 


2. For features that DO have related table entries already, the "comments" tab, which I have renamed "Status Report", does not even show up at all, so I cannot even view the related entries. See screenshots below.

First, a screenshot of a feature with NO related table entry (see the status report tab)

And now, here is what a record looks like when it does have a related record (notice no Status Report tab)


So what is causing this? Is there something in the configuration of the feature layer? Is there a limitation to Crowdsource Manager that I'm not aware of, I'm admittedly very new to this.