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REST - problems when a Relationship class is referencing multiple layers coming from the same Fature Class

Question asked by valraa on Jan 15, 2018
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I recently published a MapService with a Relationship Class in it.

The Relationship Class links the attributes of two Feature Classes (let's call them A and B).

B is referenced in my publication mxd as two separate layers, each with a specific definition query (let's call these layers B_lyr1, and B_lyr2).

Now, the problem is: after publishing, from REST I can only see one of these layers in the Relationship Class. Only the one which comes before in my Table of Content (namely B_lyr1) is visible, while there's no trace of B_lyr2.

This is causing my app to show the related information of B from A only for the filtered B_lyr1, while the attributes in B_lyr2 are not accessible from the same Relationship Class.

Is this a bug?

The version of ArcMap I am using is 10.5,same for ArcGIS Server.

To clarify, here is a scheme of what I see in REST (note that there's no mention of B_lyr2 under "Relation"):


- A (0)

- B_lyr1 (1)

- B_lyr2 (2)

Relation: A <-> B_lyr1