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An insecure item from ArcGIS Portal's Server URL is being loaded

Question asked by mpschoelen0 on Jan 10, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2018 by mpschoelen0

Long story short: An item from our portal server is skipping around the portal URL, and loading as its own resource. This is causing a problem because the server does not have its own certificate. It should be bundled up with the portal resources.

Note: is on

We have ArcGIS Enterprise deployed. Everything is secure, however when a hosted feature service is loaded in a new web map, the site is flagged as insecure.

In Google Chrome Developer tools, I loaded the site to understand what insecure resource was being loaded.

  • It notes that my portal site ( --example) IS secure.
  • However, it is also showing the name of the server that portal is on ( as an INSECURE resource. This is interesting, because everything should be coming through the portal URL (

Google Chrome security report


I took a look at the Google Chrome sources list, to determine what resource was loading from server01 (skipping around portal).

  • It might be an item from our Webadaptor (called team)
  • It appears to be something under the "self" properties


Google Chrome sources




How do I modify my settings so this resource travels through portal, and does not appear as its own resource?