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Failed to create Rule Engine: mil2525c

Question asked by ihpled on Jan 9, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2018 by krobinson-esristaff

I'm developing an UWP solution using 100.2.0 .NET Runtime and I should display some military tactical graphics on a map.

I'm trying to use mil2525c.stylx with this code:


DictionarySymbolStyle symbolDictionary = await DictionarySymbolStyle.OpenAsync("mil2525c", installedLocation.Path + @"\Assets\mil2525c.stylx") as DictionarySymbolStyle;

Running application it shows this error:

File not found: Failed to create Rule Engine: mil2525c

I noticed that that method only accepts "mil2525c_b2" as specification type but it doesn't render any tactical graphics.

The only way I was able to make it render some tactical graphics is using

DictionarySymbolStyle symbolDictionary = await DictionarySymbolStyle.OpenAsync("mil2525c_b2", installedLocation.Path + @"\Assets\mil2525c_b2.stylx") as DictionarySymbolStyle;


Frankly I don't understand the relationship between specification type parameter and *.stylx file.

Is specification type related to military standard? 

Is there a list of valid values for every *.stylx file (for example, I would like to know the correct specification type related to the "app6b.stylx")

Thanx in advance.