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Geoevent send an Email - loop through events?

Question asked by ascullyCOT on Jan 8, 2018

Working on a service that sends an email to a list of users essentially giving them a list of permits in a specified area (Similar to the City of New Orleans 'NoticeMe' application).


We have a chunk of the work done, but our data is set up in a way that I can't get to work with GeoEvent email output - 

basically it sends 1 email per email address/permit combination, whereas we'd like to roll up each permit into a single email per email address.


Here's an example of our data:



So the 2 email addresses here, as currently configured, get 3 emails each.  Wondering if this can be handled in GeoEvent or if we need to work on 'flattening' the data for use in the GEV service - this would result in a really ugly and tricky to work with string field - can be done in python I'm fairly certain but figured I'd check the hive brain and see if this scenario has come up for anyone.

I'm experimenting with a field enricher where a table of email addresses joins to the permit data as seen above, but no luck yet.


Thanks -