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RowCreatedEvent has different behavior than RowChangedEvent & RowDeletedEvent

Question asked by MerkatorBart on Jan 8, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2018 by MerkatorBart

It seems that the RowCreatedEvent is triggered on a different moment than with the RowChangedEvent and RowDeletedEvent. The Changed & Deleted ones, are triggered before the actual changes are sent to the database/server. In the Created case, it seems like there is an interaction with the database or server first.


We assume it might be related to some of the ObjectID logic that needs to run fist (e.g. fetch next OID) !? 


Also, maybe related, the CancelEdit doesn't seem to have effect in case of the RowCreatedEvent.


This leads to troubles as we are using the Row...Events to include some validation and data enrichment.


Is this intended? For us it seems that the design for the Row...Events is not consistent:

- We should be able to use the CancelEdit on RowChangedEventArgs

- It introduces extra inconsistency and difficulty in case of and SOE or SOI, where we miss the enriched data in case of a 'Create'.