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Cannot create Custom Projected CS from ArcObjects Java SDK?

Question asked by kmandela on Jan 7, 2018
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in the ArcObjects SDK for Java, there is an example code to create a custom projected CS using IProjectedCoordinateSystemEdit define() method.


Here is the link:

How to create a custom projected coordinate system—ArcObjects 10.4 Help for Java | ArcGIS for Desktop 

or ArcObjects Help for Java developers | ArcGIS for Desktop 


Here is the example code:


static IProjectedCoordinateSystem createProjectedCoordinateSystem() throws Exception{      
    ISpatialReferenceFactory2 spatialReferenceFactory = new SpatialReferenceEnvironment();     
    //Create a projection, GeographicCoordinateSystem, and unit using the factory.   
    IProjectionGEN projection = (IProjectionGEN) spatialReferenceFactory.createProjection(
        (int) esriSRProjectionType.esriSRProjection_Sinusoidal);
    IGeographicCoordinateSystem geographicCoordinateSystem = spatialReferenceFactory.createGeographicCoordinateSystem(
        (int) esriSRGeoCSType.esriSRGeoCS_WGS1984);
    ILinearUnit unit = (ILinearUnit)spatialReferenceFactory.createUnit(
        (int) esriSRUnitType.esriSRUnit_Meter);     
    //Get the default parameters from the projection.   
    IParameter[] parameters = projection.getDefaultParameters();     
    //Create a projected coordinate system using the Define method.   
    IProjectedCoordinateSystemEdit projectedCoordinateSystemEdit = new ProjectedCoordinateSystem();
    Object name = "Newfoundland";
    Object alias = "NF_LAB";    
    Object abbreviation = "NF";    
    Object remarks = "Most Eastern Province in Canada";    
    Object usage = "When making maps of Newfoundland";    
    Object geographicCoordinateSystemObject = geographicCoordinateSystem;    
    Object unitObject = unit;    
    Object projectionObject = projection;    
    Object parametersObject = parameters;     
    projectedCoordinateSystemEdit.define(name, alias, abbreviation, remarks, usage,
         geographicCoordinateSystemObject, unitObject, projectionObject,
         parametersObject); // <-- problem part. If I put null, then it works.    
  return (IProjectedCoordinateSystem)projectedCoordinateSystemEdit;

I've run the code, but wont work and throwing native library error: Execution protection violation.

Below I've attached the error log.


I've identified the problem part. The IParameter[] parameter is making the define() method crashes. If I substitute the parameter using null values, the define() method works perfectly.


I want to create a Lambert Azimuthal Equal Area PCS in which I can custumize the central latitude and longitude.




I'm using:

ArcGIS Developer Kit 10.5

ArcGIS Engine 10.5

JDK ver. 1.8.0_151 32bit 

JRE ver. 1.8.0_121 32bit (in the ArcGIS Developer Kit 10.5 folder)