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Cant add raster image to map

Question asked by nardoarevalo14 on Dec 30, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2018 by nardoarevalo14

I'm having trouble placing a raster image onto a map in 100.2 iOS sdk.


This is what I'm currently doing, I make a call to


to download a tif file. I store the extent in the result to construct a world file using the algorithm provided here
raster - How to get values to create world file format? - Geographic Information Systems Stack Exchange .


Afterwards given the tif file and constructed tfw file, I download them to the apps documents library. I then try and load the ads raster with the given constructor


let raster = AGSRaster.init(name: extension: )


I then load the raster however when I check the extent, the spatial reference id, extent values, and center point are all wrong regardless of what I set in the tfw.


How do people go about adding images to maps??


I reviewed

and noticed that where the Shasta file is included an accompanying aux.xml and .tfw are there. I tried these files in my project to see if they worked, they did. I then tried to load this sample raster with just the tfw which still worked. I know then the problem is in the generation of the tfw, but this image is being generated from a service not arcgis pro, so I need a new way to be able to generate the tfw file

Does anyone have any suggestions?