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Can I join tables to a hosted feature layer (or feature layer from a registered database) in Portal for ArcGIS?

Question asked by Adam_McKay on Dec 28, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2018 by Adam_McKay

We have a whole lot of data that sits in an Oracle database which we query with SAS products to produce output tables.  Oftentimes, we join these SAS output tables to our spatial boundary files (e.g., Census subdivisions) for mapping purposes in the ArcPro/ArcGIS for Desktop platforms.  Is it possible to publish our standard boundary files to Portal for ArcGIS as a hosted feature layer, map image layer, or feature layer (from registered database) and then join tables (which are produced in the SAS environment) to that published layer?  


Our group of analysts operate primarily on request (i.e., somebody asks us to query some data and we produce the output tables).  We query the data and then oftentimes we map them.  It seems more efficient to publish the boundary file (e.g., Census Subdivision) one time and then join a number of subsequent output tables to the boundary file, but I don't know if that it possible in the Portal for ArcGIS platform.  The alternative is to publish the boundary file multiple times with each new request/data query.  The latter method seems inefficient, but maybe that is the only way to do it?  I am open to suggestion.