Basemap and layer Visualization not maintained

Discussion created by juanmahere on Dec 21, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2019 by DNyenhuis-esristaff

I'm not sure if this action is taken into account when designing a Dashboard:


Could different base maps from different "Map views" be maintained with the choice done when it was built within Operations Dashboard?


I mean, I have my Dashboard splitted in two (left and right) using both parts the same Webmap. I wanted to maintain the base map chosen on each side different than the other, like this image: [image1]


After saving my edits, and launching the Dashboard, I see that Basemaps and Layer configuration modified as the original Webmap was built. So, my question is:


is it possible to maintain what was created on the Dashboard edition mode, or instead of that, I should duplicate the existing Webmap, with same layers, except for its visualization and basemap choices?