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How to Open *.mxd file with Qt c++ sdk?

Question asked by hoangtruongutm on Dec 19, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2018 by hoangtruongutm

Hi, everybody.

I have a problem about reading *.mxd file.

And more thing. When I add GraphicLayer into map. Exactly, I add it to layer(0). It was not appeared.

But if I had a map in Layer(0). And I add again, it come to layer(1), it was appeared.

Thank full.


My code:

EsriRuntimeQt::Point point1(1500000, 7500000, spatialReference);
EsriRuntimeQt::Graphic* graphic1 = new EsriRuntimeQt::Graphic(point1,txtsymbol1);
EsriRuntimeQt::GraphicsLayer* grLayer = new EsriRuntimeQt::GraphicsLayer(this);