ArcSOC 10.5.1 are freezing

Discussion created by xlhomme on Dec 18, 2017
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Hi  ( Eric Bader)


I'm facing an issue with ArcSOC wich are freezing and occupying their vCPU.
I'm using ArcGIS Entreprise 10.5.1. ArcGIS Server is installed on a windows server 10.5.1
First I've installed ArcGIS Entreprise on my own infrastructure and had no problem with it.
But since I ve installed the same deployement solution on an Infrastructure Provider, I'am having this issue.
I'm investigating this issue since two month now with the Infrastructure provider and ESRI France but we dont find a solution.
I had to install a workaround which kill the ArcSOC process when it detect a failure.

My ArcSOC are connected with a Posgres database on a distante machine. But I have installed a Postgres database on the arcgis server and reproduce the issue.



Has anyone encounter the same issue ? 


One solution to find the issue would be to produce a dump file and examine it  with PDB. 

Where can I find the PDB ? 

Can I send the PDB to someone ? 


best regards .

xavier lhomme