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Densifiy a Circle

Question asked by mjk5000 on Dec 15, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2017 by mjk5000

I cannot get any of the density functions to work correctly on a true circle.  I simple want to draw a circle using the Circle create feature tool, then turn that circle into many points.  I want to do this, because i have found that when clipping and getting the difference of two circles, it works better if they are densified.  The problem is, is that everytime I try any of the 4 densify functions in Pro SDK, the circles turn into Oblong ovals.  I need them to preserve their circular shape, but have many vertices.  


In ArcObjects I simply did this

newPolygon.Densify(.0001, .0001);

But in ArcGIS Pro, i cant get anything to work quite like that?  They all turn into ovals, not the true circle

densifyPolygon = GeometryEngine.Instance.GeodeticDensifyByDeviation(densifyPolygon,.0001,LinearUnit.Feet,GeodeticCurveType.Geodesic);
densifyPolygon = GeometryEngine.Instance.DensifyByLength(densifyPolygon, .01);
densifyPolygon = GeometryEngine.Instance.DensifyByDeviation(densifyPolygon, .0001);