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Date/Time values from Collector

Question asked by EnvironmentSouthlandGIS on Dec 14, 2017
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We have had a problem when syncing Collector and the data is not showing up in our database.  I have managed to extract the data from the device and can view the data in a sql lite viewer.    I have extracted all the required data except the date and times.  They are showing in a sql lite viewer as e.g 2457800.55.


Does anybody know what time format this is/how to convert it?


I have 2 known records that show the correct time but cannot work out how to convert the rest.


I know that:


2457800.549 = 16/02/2017 1:09:56 AM

2457800.55 = 16/02/2017 1:11:40 AM


Any help would be greatly appreciated.