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Feature Service with Async Operations moving result object?

Question asked by jwheilmann on Dec 13, 2017

Our company has written an interface for using the ArcGIS Feature Service using the JSON format option. Our interface has been working but something has changed on your ArcGIS online servers that now make it impossible to reliably interface when working with large data sets.


The issue is when we try to Create Replica using Esri’s AGOL service with the async option set to “True”. We would then handle the Asynchronous operations until we receive the “resultUrl” with the status of “Completed”. This is where we run into our problem, we then download the JSON file from the “resultUrl” as we have always done, but now instead of getting our JSON file result we get an HTML result that says something like (note: I modified the href):


<html><head><title>Object moved</title></head><body>

<h2>Object moved to <a href=";sr=b&amp;sp=r&amp;sig=A7tMUGfb2tJBBBBBBHDkO%2BJn4LJZZZZlLdHb%2BNw44ARg%3D">here</a>.</h2>


I’ve manually navigated to the provided URL in the hyperlink and this does appear to be our JSON file moved to a different location.


This result is unexpected and I haven’t been able to find documentation that describes this behavior, so our interface doesn’t know how to handle it. It being an HTML page tells me that this isn’t supposed to be a standard output to your Feature Service request of a JSON object, but is intended to be human readable so it is subject to change. I imagine also that it isn’t intended for us to parse this html file. We need reliability with this interface. We can’t get around this issue as AGOL requires asynchronous requests for large datasets.


Is this a known issue that Esri may be working on? Please advise.


Thank You.