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Use answer from question to populate another field.

Question asked by Ashley.Hayes_TXDOT on Dec 13, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2017 by Philip.Wilson-esristaff

Let's say (using a simple example) I am interested in having 1 field that I can use for pop-ups, queries, etc..  In this example, the field is PLU_Code (the number on the little stickers that come on the fruits and veggies at the grocery store).


I could set up a survey that directly asks the PLU Code and that would be simple, but let's say the cashiers do not have the PLU Codes memorized.  So instead, I ask a series of questions that narrows down the produce type until the PLU Code is determined.  


For example, 1) Type of produce? ("Fruit" is chosen); 2) Color of fruit? ("Yellow" is chosen); 3) Type of yellow fruit? ("Banana" and "Lemon" are choices); and if "Lemon" is chosen, then 4) Organic Lemon or Non-Organic Lemon?  


Can I set up my survey so that if the answer to question #3 is "Banana" then PLU_CODE is assigned a value of "4011" for banana?  Or if the answer to #4 is "Non-Organic Lemon", then PLU_CODE is assigned a value of "4033" for non-organic lemon?  


This way, for pop-ups and queries, I can just look at the PLU_CODE field and I don't have to somehow look at the values of a huge combination of fields (ex. ProduceType = 'Fruit', FruitColor = 'Yellow', VegetableColor = '', OrangeFruit = '', YellowFruit = 'Banana', RedFruit = '', etc.).