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Add data dialog doesn't search data

Question asked by anaymushinaesri-cis-ru-esridist Employee on Dec 13, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2017 by avienneau-esristaff

I've found a confusing thing: I can't find my data using key word through the Add data dialog.

Example: I want to add data from my portal. I use Add data button. Then select Portal > All Portal, print the data key word into the Search field and get no results.

As I've found, the reason is in Default setting in the red box in the picture. As soon as I change this setting I get all the data with no problem (see below):


Is it a feature? Why should user change the default setting to find the data? How should he guess about it?


And where is the search field here? Why is it absent? it's a bit confusing too.


My Pro version is 2.0.1