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Operations Dashboard only showing some feature services

Question asked by eshreve_azdema on Dec 11, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2017 by APulver-esristaff

I have done some testing with Survey123 and have created a basic damage assessment form to help automate the process for our Recovery Group to show in Operations Dashboard. I have copied the URL from Survey123 and added it to my web map and have symbolized it by 5 individual point damage classifications for the 8 features. Everything looks great in the webmap, but when I attempt to create an Operations Dashboard from the webmap it only renders half of the points when it should be 8. I also know when I test with my group for mobile collecting no additional points are added to the dashboard, but the webmap displays all of them. I am curious what the reason is for not displaying correctly.


I have attached the web map as well as the dashboard.

Web Map: 

Ops Dashboard: