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Documentation for Versions and Replicas created by Collector?

Question asked by aroust on Dec 7, 2017
Latest reply on May 15, 2020 by bmay@allegancounty

Is there any documentation out there that explains how replicas and versions are created, synced/reconciled, and deleted by the Collector app? I found this tutorial that explains that a version is created when a user downloads a map for disconnected editing. However, I am looking at my SDE database and I can see that there is both a replica named Ags_Fs and a version named Esri_Anonymous_PublicWorks/Sig. I am looking for a clear picture of the chain of events that collects, stores, and distributes edits among the various branches that Collector creates.


I ask because I'm writing a Python script to automate the synchronization of edits overnight. I have 2-3 desktop editors and 2-4 disconnected editors with iPads. I need to make sure I understand the right order of reconciling so that all edits safely make it back into the DEFAULT version of the parent database.


I can write the Python script, so I'm not looking for coding help.