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Error: 499 Error transferring - server replied: Proxy Error

Question asked by sardilaesri-co-esridist Employee on Dec 7, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2017 by sardilaesri-co-esridist

Hi everyone, I am having an issue with Survey123 Connect. It works properly on the Connect when I run it, but by the time I want to publish it through Connect, an 499 code error shows up: " Error transferring - server replied: Proxy Error. 




I already saw a similar case and the response was an instability on the server, but I have waited couple of weeks and still does not work by publishing it daily. Same error pops up. 


Any recomedation? 


I would appreciate any assistance. Need to send a project and haven't added this yet. Have a nice day,



Ismael Chivite

James Tedrick