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Geodatabase Feature Table android methods returns inconsistent data

Question asked by rafael.luiz.fontana on Dec 7, 2017



I'm trying to check if a feature table (from a geodatabase created in ArcMap 10.3 and also in 10.5, as described here has geometry, but it always returns false. The original .mxd file always have at least one layer with geometry. When I debugged the code I noticed that the data inside the tables was inaccessible. getType() returns "UNKNOW", getFields() returns null and so on.


Here's the sample code I followed from this link

FeatureLayer geometryLayer;
final Geodatabase localGeodatabase = new Geodatabase(geodatabasePath);

localGeodatabase.addDoneLoadingListener(new Runnable() {
    public void run() {
        for(GeodatabaseFeatureTable featureTable : localGeodatabase.getGeodatabaseFeatureTables()) {
                dataLayer = new FeatureLayer(featureTable);



Did I do something wrong?


I'm using API 100.1 for android