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Batch Attribute Editor - Changes Map Symbols

Question asked by allenallen on Dec 6, 2017
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In web app builder (non-developer), I just started experimenting with the batch attribute editor widget.  That is one handy tool.  Nice job ESRI!  I did notice one interesting behavior of the tool which i was not sure if it was a bug or not.  I am using a hosted feature service that I originally published from ArcMap Desktop.  In the map that controls the Web AppBuilder app, I changed the map symbol of my hosted feature service from the ArcMap desktop symbol to one of the map symbols, and saved it to the layer.  The Web AppBuilder App honors the symbol like it supposed to on map load, until you turn on the Batch Attribute Editor Widget.  In the widget, some of my map symbols switch back to their original ArcMap desktop symbols when I activate the tool by picking one of the selection options.  When you turn off the Batch Attribute Editor Widget, the symbols go back to the map version. 


Is anyone else seeing this behavior?


Map Load Symbol

Batch Tool Active Symbol