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"Picking entities" mechanic best practice?

Question asked by RehmSoftware on Dec 4, 2017
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I know that I can access the currently selected entities when the user clicks on custom button via Map.GetSelection.

But let's say that I need the user to select a polyline somewhere along the way. Probably even from a wpf window because I need to get some information like length or num vertices from some polyline. Like this:

When the user clicks on "From Polyline", he can select a polyline and my code can determine the number of segments of that polyline and the result is displayed in the textbox.

Is that actually possible? And if yes, is there a best practice for doing this?


What I'm basically looking for is a "pick mechanic" just like AutoCAD offers. And since I'm coming from an AutoCAD background, I've been doing this a lot and I figured it should be doable in ArcGIS Pro as well :-)


Thanks in advance and Best Regards