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No Publish button on Feature Layer

Question asked by KatyAppletonUEA on Dec 4, 2017
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I've got a Feature Layer, that I own, that does not have a Publish button when I see the Item Details. Why might this be?


The workflow up to this point was:


  1. Publish an ArcMap document as a new service, for use with the Collector app. This becomes a Hosted Feature Layer.
  2. Students add data points to the layer via Collector and via Online in a browser.
  3. Data collection finishes, and I want to publish & share a copy layer to the students for further analysis and presentation (i.e. keeping the raw data as a backup). Looking at the layer in a Map, I do Copy and then Save Layer.
  4. I now need to publish this copy layer as a Hosted Feature Layer but when I view its item details there is no Publish button.


I have turned off Edit and Sync on the original layer but this makes no difference. I'm not at all sure where to go from here. I'm now keeping my Feature Layer copy of the data as a backup, and the students will use the original Hosted Feature Layer. But I'd like to know how to fix this in future.