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Trying to "field map" a one to many join, am I using the right Processor?

Question asked by cwmat on Dec 1, 2017

I am trying to set up a simple GeoEvent Service to essentially monitor a field on one feature service and then update all instances of another feature service's field (which has duplicate features of the first feature service).


I have attached a screenshot of a schema example below (I have not shown the Geometry field because my goal is to only update attribute information not geometry):


But when I setup a GeoEvent Service with:

Input Connector Feature 1  ----> Field Mapper Set with UID as join -----> Output Update Feature 2


I get something more like this:



Whereas I was expecting to have each STATUS from Feature 1 map via the UID to each UID (one to many) of Feature 2 and populate all STATUS fields.  This sort of makes sense though I guess as perhaps the UID from Feature 1 is only mapping to the first unique UID in Feature 2?


Any thought on a different approach I should be taking to get the desired outcome?


Thank you.