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Display points from table in another layer

Question asked by maksi9bonus on Dec 3, 2017

I download .bil files from PRISM Climate Group, Oregon State U . I need to store information, that contains in .bil files, in Azure SQL database. Because I don't know how store .bil files in SQL database I do the following:

1. Use toolbox conversion tool -> raster to float. I get file .flt.
2. Use DIVA GIS to convert .flt to .grd and next .grd to .shp.

3. Use ogr2ogr to import .shp to th Azure SQL database.

Now when I want to see what table stores, I connect database to ArcGIS Pro. And I see that not all points contains in table (almost 22000 points but should be almost 400000) and it displays in another layer then topographic map (Screenshot 1) .

How I can display this data (PRISM Climate Group, Oregon State U ) like a table in Azure SQL database on topographic map? 
P.S. I need to store this data in database that have only 8 Mbytes of memory.

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2