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Legend is not displaying all active features/layers in ArcGIS Pro using ArcPy?

Question asked by bisoftware on Nov 28, 2017

I created a script tool that positions the north arrow, legend, scale bar, and title in a layout; and then zooms to a bookmark and exports the layout as a PDF. But when I go and look at the PDF, the legend does not display the graduated color symbology from the results of a summarize with-in. However, when I go and look at the layout in ArcGIS Pro the graduated color symbology is displayed in the layout legend.


Here is the custom script tool I'm using:


import arcpy


#input layer
lyr = arcpy.GetParameterAsText(0)


# input name of layout
lyt = p.listLayouts("Layout_King")[0]


# Reposition the scale bar
scaleBar = lyt.listElements("MAPSURROUND_ELEMENT", "Scale Bar")[0]
mf = scaleBar.mapFrame
scaleBar.elementPositionX = mf.elementPositionX + 0.0
scaleBar.elementPositionY = mf.elementPositionY - 0.5


# Reposition the north arrow
northArrow = lyt.listElements("MAPSURROUND_ELEMENT", "North Arrow")[0]
mf = northArrow.mapFrame
northArrow.elementPositionX = mf.elementPositionX + 8.8
northArrow.elementPositionY = mf.elementPositionY + 0.7


# Align the title with the center of the map frame
title = lyt.listElements("TEXT_ELEMENT", "Name of Map Text")[0]
mf = lyt.listElements('MAPFRAME_ELEMENT',"Map Frame")[0]
title.elementPositionX = mf.elementPositionX + (mf.elementWidth / 3.7)
title.elementPositionY = mf.elementPositionY + (mf.elementHeight / 0.98)


# Reposition the Legend and fix legend title
legend = lyt.listElements("LEGEND_ELEMENT", "Legend")[0]
legend.title = "Legend"
legend.elementPositionX = mf.elementPositionX + 4.8
legend.elementPositionY = mf.elementPositionY + 6.15


# setting layout to bookmark
aprx ="Current")


# add name of layout
lyt = aprx.listLayouts("Layout_King")[0]
mf = lyt.listElements("MAPFRAME_ELEMENT")[0]


# add name of bookmark
bkmks =
bkmks.sort(key=lambda x:, reverse=True)
for bkmk in bkmks:
      lyt.exportToPDF(r"C:\arcGIS_Shared\Exports" + "\\" + + ".pdf")


Is there something I'm doing wrong, or missing?


Also I'm using this custom script tool ModelBuilder