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Using Beta Reports - Error

Question asked by emilybarteeKYEM on Nov 20, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2017 by emilybarteeKYEM

Hello!  I'm working with the custom reports within the data tab of Survey123.  I've downloaded the default template (attached) and tailored it to be report specific (also attached).  Users can complete one of three damage assessments within the survey meaning two thirds of the input fields are not used within the report - thus a tailored report for that specific assessment.  While tailoring the fields and appearance I haven't changed or messed with the field names.  However, now when I go to print a report I receive an error stating "get errors when rendering the template" (image attached).  The default survey will give a printout but the one I've edited will not.  Any ideas?  Our survey uses many different groups but no repeats.  I'd appreciate any and all feedback, thank you!!