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What Classification Method; how many Classes; what class ranges; what Break Values – set for my each single feature class?

Question asked by GregBrown1993 on Nov 19, 2017
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Hey everybody!

My name is Gregory and I’m an ArcMap newbie. I have two feature classes. One feature class for certain year. Second feature class also for certain year, but not for same year as in first feature class.  Type of features stored in these two feature classes is Polygon Features. These Polygon Features are counties located in certain country. Each single feature class displays in Canvas / Map Display Window / Display Area only these counties located in the certain country, in which dead creatures (as a result of the certain disease) have been confirmed. Attribute table of each feature class contains a column creaturesDeaths, in which cells there is number of dead creatures in given county. Each single feature class I want to represent on choropleth map, in which values (number of dead creatures) are referenced to counties. Because attribute table of each single feature class have a large number of rows, I made frequency statistics for the attribute table of each single feature class. Frequency statistics works as follows: Reads a table and set of fields and creates new table containing unique field values and the number of occurrences of each unique field value.

Attribute table of each single feature class - The attribute tables containing the field that was used to calculate frequency statistics.

creaturesDeaths - The attribute field that was used to calculate frequency statistics. Column creaturesDeaths is in attribute table of each single feature class.

Now the question. What Classification Method; How many Classes; What class Ranges; What Break Values – set for each single feature class?

I want to make a choropleth map from each single feature class. Not from each single output table (Data_Year1_Frequency, Data_Year2_Frequency) from frequency statistics.

For example, Look at the picture of first output table from frequency statistics -    Data_Year1_Frequency.jpg

Look at the first row.  There is value 16 in the field FREQUENCY, and value 1 in the field creaturesDeaths. It means that in attribute table of first feature class there are 16 rows that have a value 1 in the field creaturesDeaths (= In each of 16 counties died 1 creature).

I'm sorry if I repeated my sentences too many times. I will be grateful  if someone help me. This is  the beginning of my adventure with ArcMap. If my knowledge of ArcMap will increase, I will help others as someone help me now.