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Unable to add layer, token required, Local Gov Public Parking Solution

Question asked by on Nov 17, 2017
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I have been learning\working with the Local Government Public Parking solution using ArcGIS Pro.  After much trial and error, and some GeoNet help on updating domains, I managed to populate the various feature layers provided with the solution.   I also added a few other feature layers I want to show on the web map and app.  I then shared/published the public parking web map from Pro.  When I open the web map in ArcGIS Online, I receive 'error...layer cannot be added to map' messages.  I noticed that all of the layers are listed in the 'web map' item Overview tab in AGOL.  In the 'hosted feature' item Overview, the other layers I added are in the list but the solution layers are not listed.  If I go to the web map Overview tab, and click on a layer to open the REST feature service, I get a 'token required' message for each of the solution layers, but not for the other layers.  I am not sure what this means or what I need to do to clear this so the layers of the web map will all load and I can continue on to the web appbuilder step.  Thanks.