Python Execute Reviewer Batch Job script is slower in ArcGIS Pro

Discussion created by deleted-user-ZTub55yWbsya on Nov 17, 2017
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Running arcpy stand-alone scripts with ArcGIS Pro (64-bit) is supposed to be faster than ArcGIS 10.5, but it seems to be the opposite with my first attempt at converting a stand-alone script to use ArcGIS Pro.  The script is long, but among other things it uses Data Reviewer to run a few attribute checks.  I've narrowed down where the difference is -  specifically on ExecuteReviewerBatchJob_Reviewer:


arcpy.ExecuteReviewerBatchJob_Reviewer(reviewer_gdb, currentSession, AttributesBatchJob, None, None, "ALL_FEATURES", None)


ArcGIS 10.5 takes 1 minute

ArcGIS Pro takes 5 minutes


Perhaps I'm doing it wrong, but my understanding is we should run a stand-alone script with Pro like so:


call "C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\Pro\bin\Python\scripts\propy.bat" C:\


Has anyone else seen negative impacts in running Python 3 vs 2.7 using the same script (and assuming syntax is corrected where needed for version 3)?   I wanted to compare apples to apples, but if it requires somehow re-working it for Pro I'm open to suggestions.  I made sure my Data Reviewer workspace is upgraded for Pro.  When I run the execute batch job geoprocessing tool inside Pro it finishes in less than a minute.  This script needs to run as a scheduled task.