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Error with Spatial Analyst Filter tool - Invalid Weight neighborhood mask

Question asked by dca.uw on Nov 14, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2017 by dca.uw

I am using ArcCatalog 10.5, running the Filter tool from the Spatial Analyst toolbox. I enter an input and output grid and specify low filter type. I leave the ignore nodata box checked. The inputs to this aren't complicated, but I'm getting an error:


Here are the Messages
Executing: Filter C:\temp\2017-11\multi-model-vis\PNW_4km_2017090900\averages\average00.tif C:\temp\2017-11\multi-model-vis\PNW_4km_2017090900\averages\average00_filterlow.tif LOW DATA
Start Time: Tue Nov 14 09:18:19 2017
ERROR 010333: Invalid Weight neighborhood mask::  C:\PROGRA~2\ARCGIS\DESKTO~1.5\BIN\NBR02
ERROR 010067: Error in executing grid expression.
Failed to execute (Filter).
Failed at Tue Nov 14 09:18:19 2017 (Elapsed Time: 0.26 seconds)


This laptop is actually pretty new, and I have never fiddled around with the file mentioned in the red line. There is no file or folder of that name when I go there in Windows Explorer.


I have two ideas, and any feedback is appreciated.

1) Use the Focal Statistics with the MEAN statistic type. This seems like the same thing as the rectangle with 3x3, or I can create my own 3x3 kernel file with all weights equal (1, for example).

2) Try to create a kernel file at this location.


Has anyone ever experienced this? If you have a file at C:\PROGRA~2\ARCGIS\DESKTO~1.5\BIN\NBR02 (this path is just DOS shorthand for "C:\Program Files (x86)\ArcGIS\Desktop10.5\bin"), can you please attach it to this thread or insert its text in a reply?


thanks! David