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Applying an extrusion to multiple layer from a python script

Question asked by pcoventry_bouldercounty on Nov 13, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2017 by pcoventry_bouldercounty

I'm trying to apply a Base Height extrusion that's 10 feet in height to all layers in my ArcGIS Pro map document using a python script. Per ESRI's documentation on extrusion, the syntax should be

extrusion ({extrusion_type}, {expression}) .

Below is a sample of code I'm trying to use.  It's certainly not graceful as I'm still trying to learn python. 


# Apply extrusion    
for lyr in m.listLayers("CONDO*"):
if lyr.supports("EXTRUSION"):

I'm not receiving any error when I run the script nor is it making updates to the layers. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!