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How to set Geoprocessing field_mapping parameter in SDK

Question asked by groyakkers on Nov 13, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2017 by groyakkers

Is it possible to set the fieldmappings parameter for spatial-join (or another geoprocessor) from the sdk?

In Arcobjects you would use the IGPFieldMapping object and in Python the arcpy.FieldMappings object.


I Only want/need 1 field from join_features. 

I can't find anything about this topic in the SDK documentation, and the community samples only use simple string based parameters.


Is there a renamed object that I'm missing, or is this functionality missing from ArcGIS Pro .Net SDK?

Removing/renaming the unused fields afterwards is not an acceptable workaround (There are way to many fields for this, and removing a field from the Geoprocessing framework is a lot slower than ArcObjects).