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Prepopulate text type with pulldata() is not showing on mobile but is showing when view from a computer

Question asked by siewwei.goh on Nov 11, 2017
Latest reply on May 23, 2018 by Jtruong11

I am not sure what is happening here but I have a situation where the pulldata() results are showing up when viewed from a computer through Survey123 and Connect, BUT... the prepopulated text is not showing up when viewed from mobile.

For example, see attached file (pulldataSurvey123.jpg) for Survey123 viewed from my mobile versus the view from my laptop.

The respective functions in my XLS form is as below:

I am not sure if the issue with the mobile device was due to there being 5 x csv files used as the source of my pulldata.  This was my concern raised in another question earlier today: XLS form size, or number of rows limitation 

I don't see why there should be problem using a number of CSV files.


There perhaps could be a second issues which revolves around using text type with pulldata? I recall seeing this same issue happened before with a form created by someone else who had also used a combination of text type with pulldata, and the prepopulated text does not show on the mobile! There was only one external choice sheet referred for that form. In similar manner, the prepopulated texts shows only on PC. 


So in the picture, I have two situations which only seem problematic on mobile devices:

  1. pulldata doesn't work with some of the questions, even when same manner of pulldata fuction has been applied: ie calculate with pulldata, display as note such as being done with Asset Class (note the first half of the surveys in the attached)
  2. prepopulated text type does not work with pulldata, however, it does not work even after I change the type from text to note

Are these known issues or bugs?


I hope there is a simple fix or will be fix in the next release coming out soon 


Please advice.

Thank you